Commitment to Action


Andrew Carnegie (the world’s first billionaire) asked Napoleon Hill to discover what makes people successful.

Napoleon interviewed the richest, most respected people in the world and wrote a little book about how they became so, explaining how the common man could use these same principles.

Unfortunately… he was WRONG!

Napoleon taught that setting a goal and thinking about it often would lead to the achievement of that goal.

Unfortunately, he missed a BIG step – actually following through.

This gives many people an unrealistic expectation of how easy it is to achieve success. They think that just setting the goal is the most important part; it’s not.

After you’ve set the goal, you still have a vicious battle inside your mind with your old thoughts and mindsets. Doubts and fears trickle in and siphon the motivational fuel out of your tank until you eventually crumple your goal up and throw it in the bin. Clearly, there’s a MASSIVE difference between goal setting and goal achieving.

THIS is why most people set goals and never hit them. It doesn’t matter if you have “big goals” and the most beautiful vision in the world if you have no plan to bring it from idea to reality.

Think about it – if you can see an island on the horizon, but you have no boat, you’ll never get there!

(You could try to swim, but you’d probably drown).

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