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IP:Mentor™ is a virtual learning platform that combines video, interactive content and personal delivery and provides effective remote training solutions.

It can define and track a delegates learning journey and participation, ensuring they engage with the training and are developing new skills and behaviours.

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Martec First Tuesday

When you have a new starter and there are days or weeks before your next Martec visit, you can enrol them on our ‘First Tuesday’ programme.

In 45 minutes we introduce them to the benefits and skills behind effective enquiry handling.

The next session is coming soon…

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Telephone Success™ reports
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“We first started using IP:Mentor for one of my colleagues and it worked really well. I felt he bought in to it more than he would, particularly the face – to – face training element because it was one to one. This had much more of an impact on him and he has now started to use the techniques in the real environment.”
~ Lee Taylor, General Sales Manager

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