The Host Experience™


The Host Experience™

A professional host creates improved customer experiences.

First impressions are usually the longest-lasting so it is imperative for your business performance that your hosts present the right image to your customers.

Hosts, the people who typically meet and greet your customers when they first walk in, are often the most important people in your business because the first impression received by customers is in their hands. Yet, when it comes to training, hosts are the ones most likely to be overlooked.

Humans make snap decisions, we can’t help it, it’s a survival mechanism left over from prehistoric times. But, you can, of course, make this work to your advantage.

Your hosts are likely to be the first people your customers meet when they visit your business, whether they are browsing, taking a test drive or have a service booking. If the impression your hosts create is hugely positive, chances are, this is the perception which will stay with your customer.

It makes sense to provide hosts with the training to enable them to create that crucial first impression. Posture, a smile, eye contact and attitude are all processed almost instantaneously and a judgment is reached in a second or two.

A professional host welcoming your customers into your dealership hugely impacts on your success so make sure your first impression counts.

Telephone Success™ reports

Outcomes from our training include:

  • Improved greetings and customer first impressions
  • Better engagement between your host and your sales
  • Improved communication and customer outcomes
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved data capture
  • Higher transaction margins
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Telephone Success™ reports