Following several years of success finding great sales people for the industry, we decided to take the opportunity to re-engineer the Recruitment Success Programme, so that we can help more good people find a great career in the motor industry.

Martec’s CareerSellingCars™ Website is an additional feature of our Driving Recruitment™ Programme.

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Sales team? Service team? Management team? 

Nearly 1/3 of UK companies report a bad recruitment choice costs more than £50,000 when you include everything in the mix – especially loss in sales income.

Getting a CV and conducting a short interview doesn’t always give us the whole picture.

Get involved in your own recruitment day and be confident who joins your team!

Simply reading a CV and conducting an hour interview could only give you a rose-tinted snapshot. 

Get to see your team players in action before putting your money in…

Martec combines their CareerSellingCars™ programme with your management team to see your team play before you pay!

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Telephone Success™ reports