This programme provides sales management teams with the tools they need to improve their teams video performance; focusing on content, style, language and delivery. To help improve skills and the customer experience.

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Telephone Success™ reports

Our reports include:

  • The ‘Right’ Words – monitors the use of important words and techniques to achieve the best results
  • The ‘Right’ Experience – 5 subjective scores to measure the overall Human Experience, imperative to make you stand out from the competitors (Happy, Unique, Motivated, Ambassador and Natural).
  • ‘Success Rate’ – Showing you quickly how many videos your sales team has converted
  • ‘Target Cars’ – highlights videos made for specific vehicles and sends alerts


Telephone Success™ reports

Love the detail? You can drill deeper to find:

  • Team summary
  • Video comparisons
  • Real time performance summary
  • Video outcomes
  • Customer experience
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Telephone Success™ reports
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“It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, customers expect dealership staff to communicate with them and provide the information they require.

“Whilst I hadn’t used the Mentor programme in the UK, the Martec name was familiar as it is well known as providing the kind of systems and training which nets results, so when it was introduced to us by our Mercedes Benz regional sales manager Glenn Matthews.”
Jordan Duckett, General Sales Manager, Emirates Motor Company

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