Martec Europe launches new telephone analytics system

Martec Europe today launches it’s new TelephoneSuccess™ analytics product following a large investment in a new software programme, an online ‘dashboard’ and additional features to ensure the programme meets the needs of automotive retailing in a digitally driven world.

With almost 800k enquiries processed in 2016, Martec is on track to process 3.5 million this year. The four-fold plus increase is a combination of more contacts from multiple channels, dealer groups rolling out the programme to more of its businesses and additional clients coming on board.

TelephoneSuccess™ is the analytics programme developed by automotive business solutions and training company Martec Europe which ‘listens’ to a dealership’s customer communications and analyses content.

Following a huge increase in volume of enquiries processed by Martec’s critiquers who listen to each telephone conversation and the need to incorporate additional communication channels, the new TelephoneSuccess™ product includes analysis of live chat, emails and video as well as calls.

Tested with a pilot group of 10 dealerships from a number of dealer groups of various sizes in April this year, the revised TelephoneSuccess™ took nine months to develop.

Commented managing director Neil Pursell: “Whilst the vast majority of consumers first come into contact with a dealership online, the first interaction remains overwhelmingly by phone although email and live chat are now used more widely and video is also gaining ground.

“The original system was designed for many fewer interactions and started as purely a sales tool. It has since evolved to include aftersales but with the volume increasing massively along with new ways consumers are communicating, we needed to upgrade the system to meet the demands of modern retailing and customer communications.

“Our approach goes way beyond the quantitative analysis and interrogates the content of the communication. It is far from being a fully automated approach, we use a team of people to analyse the experience. The human perspective is imperative in providing a true analysis.

“One of today’s biggest differentiators is the value of the experience itself. The quality of the interaction is often the dealer’s competitive edge.”

Just like its predecessor TelephoneSuccess™ continues to provide in-depth reporting on the enquiries received including a weekly email report providing a ‘helicopter’ view whilst managers can access the dashboard for top-line or granular information. Features include a ‘rescue’ email whereby any enquiry flagged as needing urgent attention is sent direct to the line manager’s inbox.

TelephoneSuccess™ was developed by The Tomorrow Lab, a Belfast-based web agency which combines design with highly functional technology. As well as training new clients, Martec’s team will provide additional support to current users to ensure familiarity with the new system and its additional features as part of the migration process.


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