Make It Easy

In today’s ‘low patience, speedy information, get my attention quickly or loose me’ world, ensuring customer’s ease is key to success!

For example: In supermarkets, the prime display, the most expensive shelves to put your produce on, is 1.6m above the floor. The buy level.

Why is that?

Because, that is the average shopper’s gaze, where they are looking.

The reason it is at that specific height is because the average shopper is 1.6m tall.

So following this logic through the idea becomes…’Make it so easy for customers that they do not even have to move their eyes and you will make more sales’. Now that is easy…

If you are laying a path from one location to another, make it straight. If you include curves or corners, people (assuming they feel safe) will simply cut the edges off. They will create shortcuts.

The image below illustrates the point. The designers of the park, built in a feature which gave people, not just one ‘long route’ but two. As a walker you could choose the sunny side or the shaded route.

Guess what?

People created a shortcut and they did this so frequently that they created their own path.

A route we call the ‘Desire Path’. Given the opportunity, this is the path people would create for themselves.

How about you?

  1. Are you a Millennial?
  2. Would you walk across the grass?
  3. What if it had been raining?
  4. What if you were wearing your white shoes/party shoes?


How is this even connected to selling cars, parts or hours?

Part 2 – Desire Path

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