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Our renowned programme, TelephoneSuccess™, has now evolved into EnquirySuccess.

EnquirySuccess™ is a revolutionary new product that has all the tried and tested methods of TelephoneSuccess™, but with several notable improvements. 

It’s the same trusted system but with new technology, new software and new functionality, all built from the ground up. Meaning it’s both easier and quicker to get the reports you want, right when you want them. To speak in ‘geek terms’, it comes with a better graphic user interface and, in not-so geek terms, it looks a lot better too.

EnquirySuccess™ remains the same groundbreaking programme that TelephoneSuccess™ set the standard of. You still have the power to monitor your sales and service calls and be notified when we think a call needs your attention. However, it does have a more modern feel with greater functionality. You now also have the ability to monitor videos for sales, service and live chat/email enquiries, so you are able to ensure all enquiries receive the right attention.

We know you’ll love this system and we can’t wait for you to try it out. Contact Martec Europe, the leading specialist training provider, today.

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