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Aftersales Delivery

Has there ever been a more important time in Aftersales?

Understanding how your aftersales teams use technology to maximise your customers experience is critical in today’s trust focused environment.
Many of our clients have gone back to the drawing board, identifying the key points to help ratchet up your customers experience.

Martec has many tried and tested unique selling techniques and strategies, based we have our knowledge on over 3 million customer interactions this year alone, for aftersales, the demands of a modern customer’s experience in 2017.

Our core programme is based on the 10 touch points, key moments, in the Service Experience Cycle…

We don’t just offer coaching, we also have the ability to measure the Aftersales teams success. EnquirySuccess™ highlights where booking calls are successful and where obstacles prevent your workshop from being fully busy.

Our programmes will help drive change through skills and behaviour training & coaching, ensuring the customer receives a frictionless experience.

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