Everything’s Shrunk – A Story of Obsession

One way the Internet has impacted on our business is encapsulated in the phrase “The world is now too small to only worry about the prospects we turn into customers.”

When you stop and think, for ages business were nearly solely focused on the people that purchased a product. We worked super hard to maximise or optimise or exploit the profit potential when opportunity arose. We measured them, CSI’ed them, cuddled them, potentially obsessed over them.

And so, people that didn’t buy, almost didn’t matter.

Times changed and our attention stretched. Business began to consider “not-buyers”. We chased them a while, wrote to them occasionally and in places, rang them to find out where we went wrong. We thought about them some.

Now the Internet and Social media has arrived and shaken things up business has to change. Our attention needs to stretch further and so we might say we need to obsess over all prospects; buyers, might buyers and new to the club didn’t buyers..

And not because you could get “dislikes” or bad blog comment, although that alone could keep you up all night, not because brand Net Promoter metric reach over to people that failed to purchase these days but because you will, not might, could or want to, need them as prospects in the future.

Consider the progress of online retail over the last 5 years… Massive market growth that has no signs of waining, isn’t that right? Can you imagine where that trend will have reached in 2018?

And then when you think that today’s ‘didn’t-buyer’ will be back in be market around then, you get the impression an outstanding experience, even a fruitless one from our perspective today, is essential.

So be obsessive if you want modern success.

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