Celebrating our 1,000th trained person!

Celebrating our 1,000th trained person so far this year! 

We are excited to announce we have trained one thousand delegates in just over five months! This achievement has come from hard work and dedication by our amazing field team; their determination to make sure that businesses thrive has made this possible. A huge well done to our field team, we can’t wait to see what milestone we can hit next!

And as if that wasn’t enough, we critiqued over two-hundred-thousand calls last year, meaning Martec’s influence is bigger than ever! These achievements got us thinking…the impact we have on our customers and their methods of business are ever growing, so how we interact, engage and influence them should make the greatest impact possible! This is why we are committed to aiding the improvement of the automotive industry, one call, one email, and one training session at a time.

We work tirelessly to ensure that not only our quality of training is perfect, but also that our customers know how to implement perfectly too.

Every day we receive positive feedback and that means the world to us; it reflects the effect we have on the industry.

Recently one of our training delegates simply summed it up, “I went back and tried your techniques and that got the business!”, we are very grateful for such positive reviews and believe this truly shows the hard-work we put in is worthwhile. We would like to thank every single one of our customers for making these milestones possible and can’t wait to celebrate our two-thousandth, twenty-thousandth or even one-hundredth thousandth trained delegate with you!

Danella Betts, from Robins and Day London West, was officially our one-thousandth trainee this year. We hand delivered her a bottle of champagne and a card to say congratulations. Thank you, Danella!

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