Birchwood Group – Retention Success

Q4 has arrived…
Do you want to end your year on a high?

Some of our clients this month have had fantastic success from our Sales Retention Training Programme.

Birchwood Group, in particular, has had amazing outcomes…

What do you think? Are you wondering how they made this huge success?

Being successful when making retention calls to your customers, all comes down to your salespeople. Your tone of voice, your enthusiasm and the words you use with your customer.

Here are some proud comments from some of the Sales Teams who attended the training programme this month….

“I found the training rather refreshing after being in the industry for such a long time, both the trainers came across at enthusiastic, knowledgeable and real easy to work with.

“The script and key words worked really well and it was the first time I have ever had trainers making live phone calls and real appointments.

“I would definitely be happy to work with these guys again.”

Sales Executive, 17 years experience

“Regarding our training last week, I felt that it was a success. Most training courses I always find go over my head as they simply are not engaging/entertaining and can be very much scripted with too many slideshows.

“However with Martec, I felt that it was actually very motivating, energetic and grabbed our attention with a lot of stuff that we as a team are now using when picking up the phone.

“The fact they actually joined us that evening and got stuck in too was a great kick for us, as most training courses sometimes you can feel like saying “well you are telling us how to do something, show us how it is done” and that they don’t follow through.

“If all of our training courses were done by Martec in the same structure for future, then I would we would benefit a lot more from it”

~Sales Executive, 12 months experience

A fantastic result from the Birchwood Group teams!

Well done, great work.

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