7 Ways Your Pitch Is Killing Success Rates

Is your current sales pitch failing to deliver significant results? Looking for efficient, easy to apply strategies that will improve your success rates? Then Martec are here to help.

Below you can find seven of our tried and tested recommendations on how to revitalise your pitch and improve success rates.

1 – Avoid following a stereotypical sales pattern

In the same way that every customer will have different needs and personal preferences, you need to tailor your pitch to complement these nuances. By breaking away from the stereotypical scripted presentations, and delivering your customers individually tailored sales pitches, you will be far more likely to captivate their interest and secure their future custom.

2 – Curb your enthusiasm

A fundamental element of any successful sales pitch is sincerity. Whether you are pitching to a potential customer or a prospective business investor, you need to reassure them that you are genuinely interested in their needs and that your company is well equipped to meet them. Unfortunately, many salespeople deliver their pitches laced with overly enthusiastic sentiments. Although you may mean well, these types of pitches do not seem genuine and can be off-putting to prospective consumers. Subsequently, in order to reassure clients that you are sincerely interested in meeting their needs, it may be worth toning down your enthusiasm.

3 – Be clear and concise

When delivering a pitch, you want clear and concise quotes that customers will be inspired to repeat to others. As such, you should focus on condensing the main message of your pitch into a series of easy-to-remember bullet points, statistics or one sentence quotes that your clients will be eager to retain. Deliver these quotes with confidence and they will remain in the forefront of your consumers’ minds.

4 – Equip clients with multiple options

A great way to secure a sale whilst delivering a pitch is to equip your clients with a wide range of options. From offering customisable products and services, to simply making yourself available to contact by multiple means, you can remain flexible and make your customers feel at ease. When consumers feel that your company’s services can be modified to accommodate their requirements in this manner, they will feel far more comfortable about collaborating with you.

5 – Talk about your clients rather than your company

Whilst delivering a sales pitch it can be easy to settle into talking about the strengths of your company, its campaign objectives and achievements in an effort to encourage clients that your organisation is successful, reputable and that they should invest in or purchase from your company. However, this self-centred approach can be off-putting to customers. Instead, you should endeavour to convey that you are interested solely in the needs of your customers. Focus your pitch around what your company can do for the customer and you will be far more likely to earn their trust, repeat custom and future recommendations.

6 – Identify solutions to consumer problems

The key to a successful pitch is convincing customers that your company is the solution to their particular problems. Rather than regurgitating facts and figures about your organisation, identify the specific ways in which your company’s products and services will improve your consumers’ everyday lives and you’ll earn their trust and loyal custom.

7 – Avoid placing pressure on clients

One of the most off-putting aspects of a sales pitch is feeling pressured. If consumers feel they are being forced into making a rash decision, they will automatically attempt to distance themselves from you. Consequently, instead of forcing clients to move forward and close a deal, why not suggest a follow-up meeting or a no-obligation consultation? These strategies will encourage your clients to commit to the sale at a later date, without making them feel as if they are being coerced into a decision.

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