5 Easy Ways To Be Better Than Your Competition

In the highly competitive world of sales it can be increasingly difficult trying to provide a better service than your industry rivals. Fortunately, by following our strategies, you can improve your existing sales tactics, soar above your competitors and secure the repeat custom and all-important referrals from both new and existing clients.

1 – Identify your sales strengths

The best way to increase your sales figures is to identify the particular qualities which have proven most effective in the past at helping you to close deals. Taking the time to identify these strengths and analysing why they have been so successful will enable you to spend more time closing deals and less time chasing unlikely leads. For instance, are you better at selling to clients over the phone or via email? Do you close more deals in the morning or afternoon? By isolating your best selling environments, you can increase the likelihood of clients working with your company rather than with your competitors.

2 – Overcome your weaknesses

In addition to identifying your sales strengths it is just as important to isolate your sales weaknesses in the efforts of minimising them. Be brutally honest with yourself and revisit unsuccessful attempts to secure clients. If you can work out the particular reasons why these sales were unsuccessful, you can prevent committing the same mistakes in the future.

3 – Research your industry rivals

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. After all, being better at sales is not just about improving your own strengths and weaknesses but investigating those of your industry rivals. By investigating your main competitors and analysing their own company strengths and weaknesses you can equip yourself with the resources needed to beat them. Who is your main threat and why? Is there anything in particular that your company offers which is superior to your competitors? Identifying potential gaps in the market that your competitors cannot meet and providing clients with a viable solution will enable you to rise above your industry rivals.

4 – Listen to customer feedback

Consumers are bombarded on a daily basis by sales pitches from all manner of companies. However, rather than being talked at, consumers want to feel that their voice is being heard and that companies value and respect their opinions. Consequently, a great way to beat your competition is to listen to customer feedback, whether it’s product surveys or feedback forms. Implementing changes according to this customer feedback will help you secure the future custom of new and existing customers as well as bolstering your brand reputation as an innovative, responsive, customer-oriented organisation.

5 – Take the moral high ground

In the cutthroat world of sales, you often find salespeople insulting their industry competitors. However, on communicating with a prospective consumer for the first time, you should always endeavour to keep the conversation as positive as possible. As a rule, you should always avoid bad mouthing your competition and instead focus on conveying your company’s strengths and unique services. Presenting yourself in this dignified manner will make your company appear more professional than your competitors and will encourage clients to view your company as a morally upstanding authority within your field of industry.

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