Martec’s Superhero Concept

Why Martec Superheroes? 

Martec recognises that each member of staff is a superhero. In part, this is reflected in longevity of service. For example, 40% of our staff have been with us for over or more than a decade.

Every day, Martec receives exceptional feedback from customers, either from training or from those within the office.

We are very lucky. We receive feedback from our customers telling us what a great job our colleagues do. This is generated by the event feedback forms, which are handwritten and independent. There are two key questions and an opportunity for comments:

‘Did you get value from the training, on a scale of 1 to 10’

‘How would you rate the trainer, on a scale of 1 to 10’

Martec decided to praise these people in a different way. We did this by making them superheroes, with their own ‘superhero image’. This is a great way to publish feedback and it also allows the Martec community to recognise the success of Martec people.

95% of delegates complete these forms for us and have done so for 27 years and more. Others provide feedback through social media either by writing directly or by liking our social media posts. We can be found on all social media platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We always welcome feedback and seek it where we can, on a proactive basis. For example, we always send follow up emails to delegates requesting actions, successes and feedback.

Here are some typical feedback statements….

“The trainer is amazing. Has time for everybody and answers any questions. The knowledge is topnotch. Couldn’t ask for a better trainer.” ~ Snows Group

“Always a pleasure working with this trainer, very enthusiastic and energetic” ~ L&L MB Hertfordshire


Managing Director, Neil Pursell commented: “We decided to make the guys feel special by praising them to the world. Kennedy told me that photos would be too embarrassing so we created superhero avatars for them.”

The guys were impressed…

How about you? Would you like your very own superhero picture?

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