Your customers’ experience at the hands of your hosts, sales executives and service advisors has a dramatic effect on conversion rates, sales and profitability.

With so many influences vying for attention when a customer visits your premises – first impressions do count and customers who visit your showroom are much further along the purchase route than they ever were in the past, name but two, we have designed our training courses to cover every eventuality and to make it relevant to all your employees.

Our training programmes focus on sales, service and hosts and emphasises specific areas where it is warranted such as the transaction stage of the sales process.

  • How can the power of words impact the bottom line?
  • How can you make snap judgements work to your advantage?
  • What is the best way to engage customers in face-to-face situations?
  • How can your service advisors be more successful at upselling?
  • How can I ensure the customer experience is the very best to increase the likelihood of a purchase, recommendation and return?
  • Just some of the questions which our training addresses providing tangible, easily implementable and results-driven solutions. 





How proficient are your sales, service and parts teams at dealing with the increased level of telephone enquiries? We can tell you and train you to do it better.



With increasing numbers of car-buyers and aftersales customers researching online first, many are also opting to communicate electronically in the first instance. How confident are you that your teams are responding appropriately, accurately, persuasively and in a timely manner?


Achieving results greater than the combined skill of your team is leadership. Graduates of this training programme know how to communicate effectively, how to monitor, create and implement operating standards, how to motivate, manage and measure their people.


The justification for customer retention are well known, figures like, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%*, are astounding and should focus all business owners on doing everything in their power to keep their customers.




Finding the right caliber of person, who holds the right skill-set, attitude and work ethic, which are aligned to your business can be a long, arduous and costly process. Our tried and tested recruitment programme has been developed and honed over the last 12 years. Our recruitment experts will work with your internal teams and guide you through every important stage.